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Dates: 03 - 08 JUNE 2024

Where : Mas Paris 13 ème

Inscriptions: Eloise : 06 43 94 42 38 ou Sabine



Maximum participants : 14
City : Paris
Hours : 40 hrs (can be used for your intermittence)


A-Z Technique

C Me Acting has a 2 week technical studies masterclass for actors in Paris

With Elise Mc Leod & Juliette Tresanini.

Dates: 25 septembre - 6 Octobre 2023

Place : Paris 13 

Inscription: Elise Mc Leod: 06 71 00 80 09  


Number of participants: 14

Where: Paris / France

Hours: 80


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A-Z Tech


« Looking for truth and finding reality, that’s the job of an actor »


The internship allows actors to deepen the techniques of comedy applied to cinema and to tame the camera, using the techniques of Lee Strasberg, Sandy Meiser and Eta Hagen, we know how to adapt to each the method which is the most profitable for him. We choose in particular the most appropriate aspects for each one.

Being an actor and being a good actor is a matter of choice. Every moment we make choices. Our work is a reflection of the choices we make when we create a character and its universe. We have less and less rehearsal time before a shoot, so it's all in the preparation. The internship will help you find the tools that are useful for everyone in front of the camera. The Master Class focuses on the choices that will best serve the actors in front of the camera.

The goal of the internship is to help the actor find the tools that suit him the most by developing the body, the imagination, the emotional and physical availability, the commitment and the discipline. How to work generously for yourself and others. The course will also be an opportunity to immerse yourself in game techniques without stakes. Know yourself better to find the truth of the game. The purpose of this Master Class is to help the actor develop this ability.

The internship is a laboratory of play. We don't judge, we give constructive criticism, we don't compare, we observe, we don't seek the result, we explore, we fall, we get up, we redo, we learn and we work, and with others because cinema is teamwork!

We also improvise! Because improvising, cannot be improvised! Juliette Tresanini, who learned everything in Quebec, will come and teach you the basics to improvise in all circumstances. From the construction of the character through the work of scenic improvisation, the exercises it brings will add a string to your bow: that of being a scriptwriter of your own interpretation. Your acting will thus gain in flexibility and freedom.

And all that with joy, because life is hard enough as it is. You don't need to suffer to create, being an actor is called a child - the best actors in the world! The best work can be done in joy, and that's when you'll have the confidence to take the risks and go into the tough, fragile places.

Game Coach / Career Coach / Improvisation Coach and Talent Agent meeting

One week before the start of the course, each participant will receive a scene and a monologue that they can start preparing, so that everyone can be ready to work from the very beginning of the course.

The work is filmed and each trainee leaves with the images of his work.

Debriefing / discussion of the work done

Each participant will perform a scene or a monologue at least once a day. At the end of the course, the actors evaluate the training.

Pedagogical evaluation at the end of the course.

A debriefing takes place after each exercise and each scene. Each participant will have a private interview with Elise Mc Leod at the end of the course with a feedback on the work accomplished and on the next things to deepen.

At the end of the course, you will have:

• Definition of your own method of preparation.
• Concentration techniques between takes or before a casting.
• Awareness of the lens and feeling of movements related to the camera.
• Finding and managing emotional triggers. ́
• Gesture repetition work and approach to continuity
• Text analysis and beginning of character construction.
• During the course, some exercises are filmed. The trainee can thus visualize his progress and adjust his work to improve his game effectively and quickly.


The objective of the course is to allow actors to work on their instrument and to find the keys to prepare and present a casting, and a shoot and make significant proposals, because to be an actor, you have to know how to prepare!

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