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C Me Acting is a dramatic arts establishment that was created by Sabine Crossen and Elise Mc Leod in 2008 in Paris / France looking for new ways to bring actors and film professionals together.

Both Elise and Sabine felt that there were already enough acting schools and what was needed in addition to these were workshops allowing actors to show their talent and skills to directors and casting directors, thus creating opportunities for work. Their three week Masterclass, held twice a year, became an international success with actors coming from Belgium, Switzerland and as far as Chilli to attend. Juliette Tresanini joined CMA in 2015 and is the third member of the dream team, bringing fresh eyes, a huge talent for improvisation and many film contacts. The masterclass was then cut into two : a 10 day 100% in English masterclass and an 11 day 100% French masterclass.

C Me Acting also organizes voluntarily a networking event 3 times a year. They believe that filmmaking is all about connections and mutual support. The event has a different theme and two guest speakers that are renowned in the film industry each time.

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“An actor must interpret life, and in order to do so must be willing to accept all the experiences life has to offer. In fact,
he must seek out more of life than life puts at his feet”

– James Dean




Philippe Lioret, Fred Cavayé, Gabriel Julien Lafferiere, Jan Kounen, Steve Jacobs, Bernard Jeanjean, Laurent Fironde, Sophie Fillières, Herve Renoh, Philippe Lellouche, Raffy Shart, Michel Leclerc, Baya Kasmi, Noemie Saglio, Nicolas Bary, Thomas Lilti, Ivan Calberac, Julie Gavras, Christian Guerinel, Hélèn Angel, Manuel Boursinhac, Guillaume Brac, Jeanne Biras, Benjamin Guedj, Catherine Corsini, Claire Devers, Eric Styles, Laetitia Colombani, Romain Icard, Sophie Reine, Katell Quillévéré, François Dessagnat, Laurent Tuel, Edouard Deluc, Jeanne Herry, James Huth, Manuel Boursinhac, Jean-Pierre Améris, Léo Karmann, Sophie Fillières, Bruno Garcia, Ruben Alves, Safy Nebbou, Solange Cicurel, Thomas Sporriaux, Nicolas Cuche, Gael Morel, Aruna Villiers, Régis Roinsard, Eric Woreth, Akim Isker



John Vadim, John Mckay, Dan Turner, John Goldschimdt, Sue Sunderdale, John Dower, Nick Parish, Amy Coop, David Creed




Catherine Chevron, Constance Demontoy, Dorothée Chesnot, Okinawa Guerrard, Lea Flirty, Pierre-Jacques Benichou, Angelique Luisi, Antoine Carrard, Maya Serrulla, Mathilde Snodgrass, Julie Navarro, Laure Cochener, William Bracq, Coralie Amédeo, Laurent Couraud, Fabienne Bichet, Bénédicte Guiho, Valerie Xae, Stépahane Gaillard, Annette Trumel, Claire-Marie Cuvilly-Givert, Hervé Jakubowicz, Isabelle Ungaro, Leila Fournier, Sarah Teper, Sonia Cascino, Christophe Moulin, Pierre-François Créancier, Emmanuelle Prevost, Joanna Delon, Nathalie Chéron, Peggy Pasquerault, Catherine Venturini, Christophe Moulin, Stéphane Gaillard, Isabelle Ungaro, Linda Lost, Meriem Amari, Pauline & Appoline, Stéphanie Davidian, Elsa Pharaon, Ludmila Donn, Julie David



Jeremy Zimmermann, Sue Jones, Carol Dudley, Manuel Puro, Miranda Gooch, Gillian Hawser, Ilenka Jelowicki, Sarah Leung, Liz Bichard, Andrea Clark, Aleta Chappelle, Kristina Erdely, Lilia Traponi, Finnian Tweed, Cassandra Han, Luci Lenox, Heather Basten, Natascha Zimmermann, Alison Murchie, Carl Proctor, Dan Hubbard



Elise Mc Leod, Chris Mack, Tanya Blumstein, Vernice Klier, Kester Lovelace, Sabine Crossen, Juliette Tresanini

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