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Communication, festivals & networking

A tool box for anyone and everyone in the film industry


What this workshop gives you

Have you always felt like you were drowning in the continuous flow of information about Networking, Festivals and Communication? Whether you are a director, screenwriter, actor or cinema & tv technician, this workshop is for you!


Being comfortable meeting people, talking about yourself, creating and maintaining professional contacts is not always easy. And yet we keep hearing that every successful career starts with networking. But the very concept of “networking” remains vague for many, or, even worse, frightening. Who has never asked themselves these questions: 


  • How to do effective networking? 

  • How to overcome shyness or lack of self-confidence? 

  • How do you approach people at professional events without seeming too pushy or desperate?

  • What to talk about and with whom? 

  • How do you present yourself in a memorable and professional way while remaining authentic and true to yourself?


This unique Ciné’Connect course finally allows you to obtain, through kindness and mutual assistance, the answers to these questions and instructions for networking in order to make it more fun for each and every audio-visual profession. You will have the opportunity to acquire skills from theory, practical exercises, role-playing and one on one professional meetings during our famous “Speed-Meeting” event.

At the end of the workshop, you will leave equipped with new tools; an email signature, professional photo, festival guide, interview checklist and lots of new contacts of course!


The very first CinéConnect course runs from June 3 to 8, 2024. It will allow you to:


- Learn to create effective promotional tools based on your profession: profile photo, CV, demo reel, personal website, professional platforms, social networks, LinkTree, QR codes, mailing, business cards, etc.


- Master Networking from A to Z: how to prepare for an event, create an “Event Bible”, use your networks to create and/or strengthen contacts before the D-Day, understand the codes of effective communication, discover the specificities intercultural professional communication in the case of international work or communication, practice introducing yourself, starting conversations in different professional and semi-professional situations, practice giving interviews, etc.


- Everything you need to know about Festivals: how to target the right festivals according to your situation and your objectives, request accreditation, prepare for your visit to the festival, find important places, access events, know how to dress for different occasions, manage your schedule, know how to pose for the press or in front of a photocall, manage an interview, set and manage your professional appointments…


- Work on your self-confidence: identify common fears and blockages among artists or technicians and how to anticipate and/or combat them, define your uniqueness and learn to highlight it in professional communication, discover methods to manage stage fright and reduce stress, know how to control your image and the impression you give to others, know how to surround yourself well in the environment, find associations, collectives, an agent...


- Learn to nurture links and convert them into work proposals: create and regularly update your contacts Bible, know how and when to write the follow-up message following the meeting and define the right time to follow up, master the ethics of digital professional communication, learn to deal with rejection, know how to say "no", know your rights in the environment, know how to recognize abuse and defend your limits...


- Learn how to take interviews and communicate professionally remotely: half a day at the end of the course will allow you to know how to carry out a good technical installation and adapt your environment for a videoconference, to understand the specificities of remote interviews and their differences compared to face-to-face, through casting or meeting scenarios.


- Apply all this knowledge during an exclusive professional event, the famous “Speed ​​Meeting”organised especially for you, and build loyalty with the contacts met during the evening.


In addition you will have these beautiful tools to take with you during & after the workshop:


● A professional portrait for each participant, taken by a guest photographer.

● An intervention by a stylist specializing in the world of cinema and fashion, who will give advice and tips on looks and outfits appropriate for different occasions.

● Filming personalized video presentations for each participant.

● Creation of professional email signatures.

● Various supports for your future networking: a festival Bible and a checklist to prepare for an interview.

● Scenario, training, professional meetings.


The course times:


From Monday 3/06 to Friday 7/06: face-to-face group work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday 8/06 morning: 2 hours of remote group work (Zoom)

Saturday 8/06 evening: 3 hours of professional Speed-Meeting





is an award-winning French-American coach, director and actress. She played in “Hitman”, “Brice de Nice”, “Un Village Français”... and recently in “Fantastic Beasts”. His 2nd film with Samy Naceri and Tony Simonneau had 60 selections and his last “Bienvenue chez Candy” with Arthur Jugnot and Flavie Péan had its 100th selection in 2024 with 62 awards.


Sabine is also a lyricist for songs with 3 Golden Records, producer and screenwriter. She coaches actors for films as well as for self-confidence and their editorial line. Sabine



is an actress and producer. She played and produced with 8 other artists “Nine”, a feature film in post-production, in which she plays Charlotte, a 17-year-old teenager. She is very invested and engaged in the community as a young ambassador for ACID and is a career coach at CDAS (Center for Performing Arts) for third-year students.


You can find it on the Disney + platforms with “Weekend Family”, OCS with “Rictus” and soon “Deep” and also on Paramount + in “Le Signal”. Eloise



is an actress of Russian origin with a rich theatrical past, Liza arrived in France, having no network in the artistic world and not knowing a word of French. Today Liza's filmography includes more than 20 projects.


For several years Liza has also been a coach specializing in career management for actors. Creator of the training “Towards a dream role”, mentor of the international “Casting Bridge” community and author of the book “Actor, survival manual” and “My casting notebook”. Liza

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