Elise is a Paris based Australian film and theatre director who holds a degree in film making from the University of Paris VIII. She has directed several short films, including the award winning ‘Fish & Chicks’, ‘Love, lies and the internet’ & ‘Geisha’.

Elise believed it was important to understand the actor’s process in order to be a good director so she took acting classes at Bilingual acting workshop, where she got asked to direct a play. She adapted the famous French cartoon book ‘The Rabbi’s Cat’ by Joann Sfar. The play was a huge success and played in Paris, France and Montreal for two years. Thus began Elise’s career as a stage director. She has directed numerous plays since most recently ‘Kiss DB (L’histoire d’une mort sans fin), ‘Revoir Amelie’ and ‘Toutes Coupables’ at the reknowned Paris Théâtre Gymnase. She juggled being an assistant director and theatre director for 6 years from 2001- 2007. Working in the French film and television industry on films such as “Our friends the humans” produced by Claude Lellouch. Her other credits include ‘L’aventure’ by Xavier Giannolli, ‘The Idol’ by Samantha Lang.

Simultaneously Elise became known as a private coach for actors. Her first client was Audrey Dana whom she coached for Phillipe Loiret’s ‘Welcome’ and Claude Lelouch’s ‘Roman de Gare’. Audrey was nominated for two Césars for these films. She also won a Romy Schreider award.

Amongst the actors Elise has coached is Eriq Ebounay, known for ‘Disgrace’ and ‘Three days to kill’, Ann Sophie Franck known for ‘Inglorious Bastards’, Sabine Crossen for ‘Hitman’, Anne Charrier known for ‘Maison Close’ amongst others.
Elise directs commercials, clips, web series and short films as well as doing her private coaching and C Me Acting Masterclasses.

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Sabine Crossen is an actress and an award winning film director. She met Elise Mc Leod on a workshop that her agent, Denis Planat, advised her to do. Immediately after she won three castings for feature films, including the role of June on the successful film ‘Hitman’.
Since then Sabine ‘adopted’ Elise for all her private coaching and eager to share with fellow actors the technics she learned Sabine began to organise workshops for and with Elise.

In 2008 they created C Me Acting.

Sabine directed her first short film ‘Love is blind’ in 2015 produced by Mindfulness Films, which has toured the world in many film festivals winning 17 awards so far.

Her next short film ‘A Shadow Of Himself’ stars Samy Naceri the well know taxi driver in Luc Besson’s films and is now being edited. She recently co-directed ‘Of Frogs & All Blacks’ with her co-elf, Daniel Perriam (L.O.T.R) in New Zealand 2018.

Sabine is also preparing her first feature film ‘Vitium’ with co-writer Paco Wiser as well as being in pre-production for her short ‘Before Now’ and the feature film Roses & Rattlesnakes in the UK.

Acting credits include The Love Punch, L.O.T.R, Survivor, Obsessions Dark Desires, Rosemary’s Baby, S.H.C.I.A.W, The Manners…Motherland, Fantastic Beasts…
Sabine continues her acting career in England as well as in France.

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Juliette Tresanini


Juliette Tresanini met Elise in coaching and they became inseparable. Thanks to Élise, Juliette has won numerous castings and is now touring short comedy programs Short, Vice versa, Do not do it, Do not do it, Good Monique, House scenes. She is a screenwriter and director.

His latest short film, “Je suis un tombeur”, was selected in the official competition of the Festival of the Comedy of Alpe d’Huez and won two great prizes.Creator of several programs on the net, now recognized as the new generation Fiction, in particular by the CNC.

It was the year she was on the bill for three feature films: Do not tell her, What is this family and Adopt a widower.

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