C Me Acting has created it’s 1st ever masterclass for French actors, 100% in English !

On the program ; 5 casting directors from England, Germany, Ireland, Spain or France (sometimes the USA – it all depends on the dates), but they all cast actors from Europe on international productions who speak English.

You will also work with a voice / accent coach, the amazing Vernice Klier (seriously Goggle her work), the fantastic film director and actors coach Elise Mc Leod, and with award winning film director and actress Sabine Crossen on your self confidence, your ‘editorial line’ / social media / UK & European markets plus chatting to and learning about the UK market with a UK agent.

All on ZOOM – The world is becoming 100% digital !

Inscriptions OPEN 1st of January 2021

The masterclass runs over 2 weeks.

Dates : 8 days between the 05th – 25th of February 2021

Times : 9h30 – 11h30 | 14h30 – 17h30 – Monday to Thursday

1st session guests (DEC 2020) :

Cassandra Han, Alison Murchie (Nancy Bishop Associate), Andrea Clark, Annette Trumel, Mathilde Snodgrass, Vernice Klier, Elise Mc Leod, Sabine Crossen, Miles Anthony



A 2 Week Masterclass working with acting coaches, casting directors, film & TV directors.

Spring Masterclass 2021

Dates:  – 5th to the 9th & 12th to the 17th of April 2021

11 days

Number of participants : 20 max

Venue: MAS Paris 13



This is where everything begins; to know youself, to improve your weaknesses, to accentuate your strengths and above all to master the technique of being in front of the camera.
Elise Mc Leod, a renowned acting coach, will guide you with her with personalized feedback and advice so that you can become an independent actor.


Your photo is the first step to catching the attention of a casting director.
Our casting directors are here to enlighten you on this and give you expert feedback, sincere and specific about your screen test that will be valuable to you throughout your career.
We are not always aware of our image, our ‘type’, our how to chose the right photos or images for our showreels, this course also provides feedback on these issues.


After working with the coach and the casting directors you will work with several film & TV directors. A professional cameraman is there to film and take sound which is linked to a monitor for the rest of the actors and the director to watch. It’s great way to be able to be directed in a fun environment where you can take risks, play and yet have the technical and emotional direction needed to be good on set.


At end of the three weeks we organize CMA’s famous Speed-Meeting event that will allow you to meet face to face with professionals from all film domains this includes; producers, directors, screenwriters, casting directors & agents.
Before the event, actors go through an intensive preparation learning how to pitch themselves whilst staying natural and feeling comfortable.

We have had a huge success rate with actors booking castings, jobs and agents after this evening.
The speed-meeting is followed with drinks, food and a party.

Paris / France

For more information & details on the workshop. Contact Sabine Crossen

For individual coaching and / or casting classes please Contact Us