A 3 Week Masterclass working with acting coaches, casting directors, film & TV directors.

Summer Masterclass 2020

Date: 31st of August – 18th of September 2020
Number of participants : 20 max
Venue: Paris



This is where everything begins; to know youself, to improve your weaknesses, to accentuate your strengths and above all to master the technique of being in front of the camera.
Elise Mc Leod, a renowned acting coach, will guide you with her with personalized feedback and advice so that you can become an independent actor.


Your photo is the first step to catching the attention of a casting director.
Our casting directors are here to enlighten you on this and give you expert feedback, sincere and specific about your screen test that will be valuable to you throughout your career.
We are not always aware of our image, our ‘type’, our how to chose the right photos or images for our showreels, this course also provides feedback on these issues.


The cinema world is an international one. More and more films are being made in Europe and in France that need French actors that can speak and act in English.
You will have the opportunity to work in English with the help of an “accent” coach, then pass a casting with a well-known casting director and work with a renowned film director in English.


At end of the three weeks we organize CMA’s famous Speed-Meeting event that will allow you to meet face to face with professionals from all film domains this includes; producers, directors, screenwriters, casting directors & agents.
Before the event, actors go through an intensive preparation learning how to pitch themselves whilst staying natural and feeling comfortable.

We have had a huge success rate with actors booking castings, jobs and agents after this evening.
The speed-meeting is followed with drinks and food and a party.

For more information & details on the workshop. Contact Sabine Crossen

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